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7 Things You Should Never Fear in Life

Things You Should Never Fear in Life

Today I want to talk with you about seven things you should never be scared of, these are things that you should never fear things you should never be afraid about, please listen up, because I’m about to dive really deep; The first thing you should never fear is:



death is a shepherd of all humankind, and every single person in this world will die, so why fear death if you know is going to happen to you, look death can be scary because if you’ve seen people in your family or your friend group that died, you know that you’re never going to see them again, however, you should never be afraid to die, I know people that were so frightened by the virus that they lived inside their house every single day and they never went out, my friends you have to understand, that nothing will come against you, nothing can harm you, nothing will stop you from becoming who you really are, so don’t fear illness, don’t fear disease, don’t be afraid of death, because death is inevitable, just live your life and be happy, and eventually when it’s time to die it will be over.


Old age

Now old age is like death because a lot of times people know that old age creeps up to death, but most people are usually afraid of old age because of bad health, they’re afraid that they’re gonna die a bad death, because they’re increasingly ill health, but here’s the truth, i believe that most people only become ill, not because of their age, but because of their thoughts, i believe that when you have a unsuppressed thought or emotion or unfulfilled purpose it leads you closer and closer to ill health, and so what i want you to do, is to free yourself so you can be yourself, i want you to work on dieting on exercising on right thinking on right living, because if you can manifest success in your mind, you can manifest it in your life, and so what you need to do is to stop imagining the things you don’t want, the places you don’t want to go, the unfavorable situations, and start thinking about the good, start thinking about the great, start thinking about the person that you need to become, and i promise you it will eventually happen, because the moment you start thinking bigger is a moment you start getting better, get rid of the old and get into the gold, because success is coming your way.



There’s so many people that live a life of fear because they’re so scared of being poor, they’re afraid of poverty, they’re afraid of taking a risk, they’re afraid of doing everything right, because they don’t have the faith that money will be around, but my friends money has always been around, money is always there, you just have to be prepared, you have to set yourself up to receive the funds in the way that you want it, you can’t just be reactive to the markets and to the economy you have to set up your own prosperity, you need to invest your time your energy your money into finding additional income streams, you can’t just depend on your job or your singular business or some kind of investment that may or may not prosper you, what you need to do is take control of your financial situation, you need to account for the money that you have, and also set up systems to get the money that you know you want in the future, so don’t be afraid of money don’t be afraid of taxes don’t worry about poverty instead set yourself up for greater prosperity.


Bad people

because if you’re doing everything right then you should never have a single worry in your whole entire life, but there are so many people that are worried about criminals, they’re worried about rapists, they’re worried about injustice and So, what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to be concerned about this anymore, why burden yourself with people that you know are always going to be evil, instead you need to focus on the people that are actually good, don’t worry about the people that might rob you or that might cheat you or that looking to manipulate you, focus on the people that are looking to help you the people that are looking to serve you the people that are looking to contribute to what you’re trying to build, all I’m saying is to don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, even if you’re surrounded by shady people, just focus on who you are and what you’re becoming, eventually god will remove those people from your life.


Your past

Now I know there’s a lot of people who might have had some burdens in their past, maybe they’ve done some criminal activities, maybe they’ve gone through bankruptcy, maybe they’ve been through a divorce or, maybe they’ve dealt with some kind of situation that most people can’t even relate to, what I’m saying is that your past should be buried, you should leave it behind, your past is not meant to drain you, your past is meant to train you, it’s meant to help you, it’s meant to show you who you really are, and if you’ve made mistakes before, you need to learn from those mistakes and turn them into success for the future.


The Truth

The truth can come from people from places from ideas from things the truth can come from anywhere, and if you know that you see the truth and you deny it because you’re afraid, that you’ll have to become someone greater to accept it, then are harming yourself, you need to know that the truth is always available no matter where you go, what you do, or how you live, even if you’re living a life of desperation and you know the truth is banging at your door, You can’t be scared of it because you have to deal with it. and know that the truth is there to rescue you, the truth is there to set you free, the scriptures say ‘’that you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’’ because that’s exactly what the truth is meant to do, the truth is supposed to open your eyes, the truth is supposed to help you to see, the truth is supposed to give you victory, and you should never be afraid when the truth is delivered to you.

Now the truth can come in many forms, for instance, if you’re out of shape, and you’re climbing up the stairs like I was when I was overweight, I realized the truth was that I was too fat, now that truth was kind of offensive, but I knew that this confrontation was something I had to deal with, and so I trained myself in a new way and I lost 50 pounds, I dealt with this truth because it was knocking at my door, and I would either deny it or I would apply it, what will you do when the truth is confronting you.


Your Future

There are so many people that have apprehension about where they’re going to go in life, they think that life might not work out in the way that they expect it to, but my friend I want to tell you, that you become exactly who you expect yourself to be, so If you don’t believe your life will work out, it probably won’t. but if you know that you’re doing everything in your power to create the lifestyle of your dreams, then your future will always take care of itself, and so even though sometimes it might look gloomy, it might look scary, it might look like you might never make it, the truth is that your future will always work out in the end, god is too good to give you a life of poverty, life is too good to be worried all the time, you cannot be distracted by the things that concern you, you have to know that God will deliver on his promises, he will help you to become exactly who he said you would be, and so you don’t have to hold back and worry about the things that are going to happen in the future, and so what you need to do is to focus on the kind of person that you know you need to be, and expect and demand that your future will always work out in the end, because it will.


So there you go my friends, I just gave you seven things you should never worry about, if you understand what I’m saying in this article, make sure to type ‘’yes’’ in the comments section below. My friends this is Daniel, I look forward to your success and I look forward to watching you become the kind of person that you know you need to be, I’ll see you in the next article, take care.

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