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10 Types of People Who Kill Your Energy

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Today I want to talk with you about 10 types of people that will kill your energy, if you give your energy to these people, they’ll waste your time, they will take you for granted, and they can eventually destroy your soul, and stop you from reaching your highest goals in life, so please listen up:


1.The first type of person that will kill your energy is a judgmental person

There is no one that is going to stop you from believing in who you are and what you need to do, faster than someone who judges your character, if someone is judging you ,if someone is complaining, and gossiping around you and they carry this negative feeling, that you know it’s destroying your temple within yourself, your sanctuary, then you got to get rid of these people, there sometimes people in your family, could be your mother, brother, sister, father, they could be talking all this garbage judging people, places and things, criticizing and agonizing about things that don’t even matter at all, my friends, don’t give your energy to these people, if you’re talking to a negative person let’s say you’re on the phone, or even sitting with your mom in the kitchen, and you feel that something is coming and you know you don’t want to have any part of that energy, make sure to disconnect at that moment, you know, I’ve been a part of so many different circles, and the moment I saw gossip coming in, I said to myself this person is about the judge, this person is about to overanalyze, this person is about to criticize and I must get away from them right now, if someone always has something negative to say, even if it’s the closest member in your family, then you need to preserve your energy and get away from this person at all cost, you don’t have time to listen to their false judgments anymore, give the time to work on your mind, to work on yourself, and to work on your goals.



There is no one that’s going to stop you faster, than someone that tells you that you can’t do it, especially if you believe them if you find that there are any naysayers in your life, could be your friends, could be your families, could be your neighbors, and they’re telling you all the bad news about what you’re about to do, they need to evict these people from your life, there are millions of people right now who are only focused on a negative, in fact, they can turn a whole entire positive situation into a negative one rather quickly.

So don’t give them any of your time or your energy, unless you want them to deter you from your greater actions, you have to always remember, that doubters and naysayers are so focused on negatives, that they don’t believe anything positive actually exists, and so, therefore, they’re always going to shoot ideas down, they’re always going to preach about the doom and gloom, if you ask them about how they’re doing, they’re gonna tell you the weather is bad, they’re gonna tell you that their day sucks, they’re gonna focus on all the things that are going on that is wrong, instead of focusing on all the things that are going on that is right, don’t give them a piece of your time, because if you give them a piece of your time, then they will take the piece from your life, you might have to think about that again because that was a pun intended.


3. boring people

Look my friends you might be dealing with boring people in your life, and it’s not that they have anything bad to contribute to your life, but they don’t have anything at all to contribute to your life, because sometimes when someone is boring, they don’t know that they’re boring, they don’t know that they have nothing to say or that they’re not interested, they’re just living their life, they’re bored in their life and that’s why they bore you in your life, so even though boring people are not interesting, they can still be interested in who you are, so if you’re dealing with anyone who’s boring in your life, understand that you can help them and they can still help you too, don’t just write them off, but understand if you give them too much your time and your energy, then they will bore you to death.


4. over-expressive people

Do you know the people in your life, that just shout out all their ideas, all they’re doing is just telling you about everything that they think they know, and just blurting out all their ignorance, the problem with over expressive people is that they’re usually wrong, and the more ideas that they put out there, the more people are affected and infected by the knowledge that they think they have to share, there are millions of people in this world, that are randomly spewing out, all the facts all the stats all the information that they think they have, and they’re shutting out the information that they can gain, and there’s so many innocent people who are too afraid to prove them wrong or to shut them up or to tell them to stop, and so they continue to think that they’re right, and then they spew out all this other poisonous information, infecting all the people that they see throughout their life, whenever you’re dealing with an over expressive person, you can either do two things, ignore them or tell them that you don’t believe that that’s true, and validate with some facts that you might know, now obviously if you don’t know anything about what they’re talking about, you just have to slide and that’s when you’ll have to ignore it, but if there’s something that you actually know something about, then you have to give them the facts, and let them know that the information that they’re sharing is not true.


5. extremists

So there’s so many different types of extremists in the world, to many to get into, but I can name a few some people might be zealous about politics, they might be zealous about their country, they might feel like they have to push a certain agenda, they might evangelize a certain brand, maybe they’re very religious, maybe they’re extremist in a philosophy, but whatever it is there’s so many extreme personalities out there, that if you allow them to intoxicating and your way of thinking, it can prohibit you from reaching your highest goal, one of the greatest ways to know that you’re dealing with an extremist, is when they play the victim card, they love to pretend that there’s an outside force that is out to get them, they’ll pretend that somebody is trying to destroy a certain community, a certain set of resources, a certain way of thinking, and they’re going to act as if this force is out to get them, my friends you’re gonna be able to tell who these people are, when you listen to the stories that they tell, or the words that they say, or the tone in which they express themselves, you’re going to be able to determine for yourself if you’re dealing with an extremist, especially if you find your energy levels significantly decreasing as you talk with them, now you might be asking, why would this person even diminish my energy? well, the reason is that you’re going to hear a lot of illogical statements, you’re gonna hear a lot of unreasonable approaches, you’re gonna hear a lot of unrealistic things, that they think they can do that you know is impossible to do, and if you feel that these people are sharing a message that you don’t align with, then you need to get rid of these people in your life.



Haters come in so many different forms, that is not always easy for you to tell who they are, your haters could be so silent that they’ll never tell you who they are, and they can hate you for months and even years before you actually find them out, I’ve done many articles on dealing with haters before, so make sure to check them out on my wibsite, but usually the way you tell that you’re dealing with a hater is by watching them, listen to the words that they say, watch how they interact with you, try to figure out if there are any grudges that these people are holding on to, there’s so many indicators that you’re dealing with a hater, but you have to understand what they are, and you have to understand who they are, my friends there’s so many things that people do to hate on you, through complements, through body language, through all these different signs, but if you’re not paying attention you’re never gonna find them, so be aware but don’t be scared, just be prepared to deal with the hater in your house at your job or wherever you go in your life.


7. cocky people

There’s all forms of cocky people, there’s the narcissist who believes that they’re the best in the whole entire world, there’s a domineering person that demands and commands that people follow their rules, there’s the overly conceited person who looks down on everyone thinking that these people are beneath them, if you’re dealing with these all about me people, the people who want to control everything and everyone, make sure to give as minimal energy as you can to this person, this person is only trying to be a dictator they’re not trying to be a leader, this person is forcing people to do things, they’re not asking people to do things, this person is pushing people in a certain direction, they’re not pulling and attracting people into that direction, so if you see these people in your life, make sure to understand who they are and what they’re about, don’t let them ever control you, don’t ever let them make you feel like you’re inferior, make sure to take control of your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings when it comes to dealing with these people.


8. seducers

Now normally what people think of those who are seducing them, they think about the people that they see along the way, they don’t necessarily think about the people that they see online, they don’t necessarily think about the people who might be manipulating them, seducing them and coaxing them into believing into something that they should buy, you have to understand who the seducers are in your life, many times they could even be in your own family, because family are the people that can seduce you the most, they might make you think, oh you’re my bloodline, oh I’m your cousin, oh look at me I’m so cute aren’t you gonna buy me something, and they might make you feel guilty for your actions or your inaction, you have to understand that there’s all forms of lustful people vying for your attention, they are begging for your attention, and it will do certain things that will distract you from your purpose, so that they can get you to focus on what it is that they want you to give them, don’t ever give them your time, don’t ever give them your energy, unless you want them to take it all away from you.


9. oversensitive people

Now you’re gonna know who the oversensitive people are in your life, because they’re always crying, they’re always depressed, they’re always whining, they’re not necessarily complaining about certain things, they’re usually complaining about themselves, they usually feel pitiful about who they are, and if you find anyone stealing your time or stealing your energy away, because they’re oversensitive about their own problems then you need to give that person less of yourself, one of the biggest attributes of oversensitive people, is that they always try to manipulate you to feel sorry for them, they’re always trying to promote shame in your life or make you feel guilty, now they’re not always going to say something in order to do that, they might show you something in order to do that, they might pretend to have a headache, they might beg for your attention by shying away, they might act like they’re more depressed than they actually are, like seducers they’re just begging for your attention, because these clingy people want your time and they want your energy, so don’t give it to them at all.


10. deceivers

Now deceivers are combination of all the people that I talked about previously, because deceivers do a little bit of all the above, they lie, they cheat, they steal, they manipulate, they do whatever it takes to deceive your attention away from the things that you should be focused on, they’re either consciously or unconsciously taking away your attention from that which matters the most, and you don’t have time to deal with anyone who are focused on lies, you cannot afford to give your energy to people who least appreciate it, you’re meant to do something special, you’re meant to do something different, and if you’re dealing with anyone who deceives in any form in your life they needed to get rid of these people at all cost, there’s no use hanging around these people anymore, don’t waste your time putting energy and attention on convincing people that lying and cheating and backstabbing and betraying other people are wrong, after the third warning they should already know if you’re giving them more than they need, then they’re gonna make sure that they take your attention from them things in your life that are necessary, don’t give your time and attention to these people anymore.

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So there you go my friends I just share with you 10 types of people that will kill your energy, if you liked this article make sure to type “yes” in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe, also leave some meaningful comments down below, because I want to see what your thoughts are and who are some of the people you might be dealing with right now in your life, and if you’re dealing with any of these ten people, never give them your time or energy, is not worth it in the end, I look forward to your growth and helping you become as great as you know you’re going to be, take care.


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