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Why Younger Men Love Older Women – To Answer The Question

Love older women

Hi I’m Susan winter, and you know throughout the years, I have been asked over and over again, by journalists, by producers, and by individuals, what is it that younger men find so attractive in an older woman, well the answers are simple, because I got them directly from the men, and through the many years of doing this research and living this, I can tell you, they boil it down to a couple of sentences, one-she knows who she is, two-she knows what she wants, and three-she doesn’t play games, now that may sound simplistic you may think really all that and she’s older you’d still want her, but when you understand how men think and their design, they’re not simple, but their design is directive in that it is goal-oriented, imagine what a relief it is, for a guy who’s younger, who’s dating younger gals that are still figuring themselves out, there are still coming to their own internal cohesion, and not sure about this and change their mind about that and kind of whimsical with their goals, because it’s all new input they haven’t had time to stabilize.


Imagine the relief, if you find amongst the sea of people that you meet, a woman who is older, who is agreeable to you visually, that has a lot of content and capacity, who’s wise who’s powerful, and she can tell you very clearly, this is who I am, this is what I want, and she plays straight, no game, doesn’t have time for the game, older women do not have time to play a game, they’ve been there they’ve done it they were played they don’t want to do it, they’re very clear, this is a sense of relief, and many men find this so compelling these factors, that they don’t notice the little wrinkles in her face, they don’t notice that she’s older, that package of clarity and ability to connect and be honest and straightforward, is a very at to lure for any younger man.


Now granted it’s not all younger men certainly, but those that like clarity, those who want a woman who knows herself, they find themselves very much attracted to an older woman, so I hope that answers your question, it is the clarity the lack of game playing, and the fact that she knows herself, that really is on the side of an older woman, at the point that they think that perhaps they have less to offer, how wonderful to discover that they have so much to offer.


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I hope you enjoyed reading this interesting post, and if you have any thoughts or experiences to share, please do so in the comments section below. thanks a lot.


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