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3 Ways To Crush Self-Doubt And Live Happier

self doubt and anxiety

Today we’re gonna talk about crushing self-doubt because you know then it gets in the way of everything, right it gets in the way of everything that we try to do, all our hopes, our dreams, all our adventures, all our relationships, self-doubt sweeps in it tends to ruin those things, and this is the thing, a lot of times you think you’re the only one who has self-doubt but I have to tell you that, self-doubt is one of those weird things as in our head, it’s just in your head, invisible.

whichever articles, this means that everybody else’s self-doubt is invisible to you, and I promise you that, there are all kinds of people walking around with lots of self-doubt, lots of low self-confidence, lots of insecurities, maybe they’re about different things but it’s still insecurities, and this is why, because it’s not a real personal thing it is a cultural problem, you know we have all these standards that we don’t live up against, we have to be perfect everything, and if we’re not to perfect everything we’re gonna get left out, and we’re not gonna belong, and that is devastating, and so we have all these standards that we have to judge ourself against, and we’re always gonna end up as inadequate they are honor realistic, so self-doubt is a cultural issue, you are not the only one, there is not something wrong with you, it’s not like you are a problem, but there is something that you can do about it


Here are three ways for you to crush self-doubt and feel happier, go for more have more opportunities not to mess up relationships, and go forward with a lot of purpose in your life:


1. stop hesitating

When you hesitate your brain does this thing, as soon as you’re gonna do something and you hesitate your brain says something’s wrong she’s hesitating, look around and find something wrong, now often there’s nothing wrong, you’re hesitating, but there’s nothing wrong but your brain is going to find it, believe you me your brain is gonna find something wrong and blow it up, and the longer you hesitate the more opportunity it has, to blow up something wrong some excuses, some dangers, some worry, and some self-doubt, that is the time that self-doubt so we’ve seen.


2. build self-trust

All the time we are doing stuff in our life, we’re surviving, we’re handling things, we’re getting through things, we’re a problem solving, but unfortunately what happens because a self-doubt is pretty savvy and it notices all the negatives, and notices all the times you’ve messed up and all the mistakes you’ve made and all the problems and that you’re a mess and no one likes you and all that stuff, you can notice all the things that you are doing, or you could notice all the things that self-doubt wants you to notice ,and unfortunately it is a beacon for your attention it is like ‘’look at me you’re not good’’ ,but there is still all these other things, and so you have to do the heavy lifting here, you have to take your attention from one to the other, because every day you’re getting up you’re brushing your teeth, you’re getting ready, you’re getting out of bed, you’re getting food for yourself, you’re calling somebody, you’re going to work, you’re doing things, you’re helping others, all day every day you’re figuring out life and hand laying it, all the while you’re afraid that you can’t go through life and handle it.

it’s simply a lie, that self-doubt tells you not true, if you start to focus your attention on all the things that you are doing and notice those things, take a pregnant pause after you do it, and notice the things that you’re doing, when you start to notice those things that you’re doing, you’ll begin to integrate, that trust and that self-confidence, that belief that you could do things that come your way, this is going to blast through self-doubt, once you practice this for a long time you’ll have trust yourself doubt will go down, guess what your anxiety will go down, your depression will go down, and your happiness will go up.


3. stop with that negative self-critic in your head

You know that one that’s analyzing everything you’ve done, self-doubt comes in and makes you afraid that you can’t do something in the future, the negative self-critic is analyzing and saying negative things about the past, and so if you are constantly giving the attention to that negative self-critic, that is gonna analyze and be negative about everything you’ve done in your past, it is gonna encourage its cousin self-doubt from coming in and terrorizing your present in your future.

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If you get a handle on that, you will crush your self-doubt, and you’ll be able to move forward to those things in your life, that gives you purpose, that gives you a sense of worth, that tether you, connect you with others, make your heart sing, make your soul glow, and make you happier in your life. thank you for reading


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