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How To Change Your Mindset For Success

Change Your Mindset

Have you ever set a target for yourself and failed to achieve it? This is a very common occurrence, and we’ve all done it, the biggest reason why you might have failed your goal is your mindset, common logic says that not taking action is the reason why you fail to accomplish your goal, but it doesn’t address the rule of the problem, a bad mindset leads to you not taking action, and you want to fix your mindset so you’re able to take action and put yourself in the best possible position to succeed, this article will go over 5 steps to help you change your mindset for success:


1. accept the fact that you need to change your way of thinking

when most people fail at something, they start thinking about all the things they need to change, but they almost never look at changing their mindset, they think about getting more education to improve their skill sets, or creating more systems in place to take action, but they should look at mindset first, the reason why you want to look at changing your mindset is that if you don’t believe you can succeed you’re bound to fail, there’s this phenomenon called the self-fulfilling prophecy, where when you predict something that prediction will come true because your resulting behaviors will align to fulfill the belief, the point is that your beliefs and mindset can influence your actions, if you strongly believe you won’t succeed your goal no matter how many systems are set up, you won’t have any willpower to take action, by accepting that your mindset needs to be changed you can start giving yourself a better chance to succeed.


2. identify your top negative thoughts

your mindset is the established set of attitudes and beliefs held by you, every time you set a new goal there are multiple thoughts that go through your head, some of these thoughts might be positive and others are negative, the negative thoughts make you believe you can’t accomplish it, you might have thoughts like ‘’I’m not smart enough’’ or thoughts like ‘’I’m not qualified’’ when you’re constantly dealing with negative thoughts, you end up developing a negative mindset, when you have a negative mindset that believes you can’t accomplish anything, you often look at your flaws instead of your strengths, and you start using your flaws to justify why you can’t do something in order to combat this, you have to start paying attention to your thoughts, you will notice most of your negative thoughts revolve around a few key themes.


3. determine the mindset you need to achieve your goal

ask yourself what mindset do you need to achieve your goal, for example, healthy and fit people have the mindset of I like exercising and taking care of my body, you want to change your mindset to something like that, so you can reinforce it with action, this is where step two comes back, in the previous step, you identified your top negative thoughts, and reasons as to why you can’t do something, in this step, you’re essentially overwriting those thoughts, because the reality is that, positive and negative thoughts can’t occupy the same space, if you’re constantly believing you can do it, you won’t have any space to believe you can’t, change all your negative thoughts into positive ones to make up the new mindset you want to have.

let’s say you’re trying to change your negative thoughts about changing careers, I shouldn’t apply because I’m not qualified, and I can’t pass the interview, can become I should apply I’m smart and capable of passing the interview, by changing all the negative thoughts into positive ones, you can change your mindset to be the one you need to achieve your goal.


4. Assemble a group of people who share your ideal mentality

it’s a lot easier to change your mindset if you surround yourself with people who have the same result you want, and have the mindset needed to achieve that result, you can see how it impacted them, and you’ll be more willing to adopt that mindset to achieve your goals, the second reason why you want to surround yourself with people who have the results you want, is because they can act as a system that can help you achieve your goals, the results you want are pretty much a byproduct of your habits, if you want to lose weight, you have to get into the habit of exercising multiple times per week, by surrounding yourself with those who succeeded, you can get them to hold you accountable, you will report to them whenever you did or didn’t do that habit that day, as humans, we care a lot more about showing other people we are productive, and showing ourselves we are productive, so by having to report to someone, you will be more willing to follow through with your habit, because it’s painful reporting that you slacked off, by having someone to report to, this will ensure you stick to your habits so you can achieve your goals.


5. continue learning how the mind and brain work

there are a lot of good books out there on mindset and there are a lot of good videos out there on youtube as well, you want to keep learning because the more knowledge you have on how the mind works, the higher the chance you have of successfully changing your mindset, changing your mindset isn’t something that can happen overnight, and you should equip yourself for more knowledge to help you change your mindset to what you need, this article gives a very good outline of what you should do, but you might not find it that helpful which is why you should look at other resources, they can help guide you to where you want to go, you can also look at books or videos from people who achieve the goal you want to achieve, chances are they will talk about mindset at some point and you can learn a lot there.

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What are some of your objectives for the coming year? I hope you enjoyed reading this cool article, and if you have something on your mind don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, thanks for reading.


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