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Five Things To Do After A Breakup

breaking up with someone you love

Hey guys it’s Tony here and I am back with another article, today I’m talking about breakups and how to deal with a breakup because that’s one thing that my Twitter followers asked me about a lot, obviously, there is no quick fix, and there is no magic answer, but I’ve created a list of five things that I think everyone should do post-breakup, whether they’re the heartbroken or the heart breaker, I hope you enjoy this article, five things to do after a breakup:


1. Accept what occurred

before you do anything, I think it’s really important that you accept the fact the relationship has ended, if you did something to hurt the other person, please take responsibility for that with a view that you can’t change the past you can only change the future, so don’t let your mistake define you instead, learn from it and in the future try to do better, if someone else does something to hurt you you need to acknowledge and accept the reality of that, and I know it can be difficult especially if you love someone and they hurt you or you trust someone, and they do something to break that trust, but these things happen, and people do make mistakes, at the end of the day the most important thing to remember, is that someone else’s transgressions should not impact the way you view yourself, so please do not beat yourself up over someone else’s mistakes.


2. Remember that life goes on

although your relationship has ended, your life has not, you entered the relationship as an individual and you will leave as an individual, although what you’re going through now may be difficult this is just a page in your story it is not the end of the book, and things will get better.


3. Take your time

getting over someone you once cared about, is not going to happen overnight it is a process and it is a time-consuming one that, our emotions are not connected to a switch that we can just turn on, and off, so please accept that, know that it’s going to take time, and do not try and rush the process, because what can often happen is when people try and rush the process they end up compromising their character, and then attempt to get over somebody else, or even worse they hurt another person in an attempt to heal, and that is just not cool, so if you’re not ready to date other people, don’t date them if you’re not ready to sleep with other people, don’t sleep with them, if you know that you have not yet healed accept that and take your time.


4. Focus on self-development

ideally, self-development should occur whether you’re in or out of a relationship, but let’s keep it very real, a lot of people enter relationships and they do lose sight of their own wants and needs because they’re too busy prioritizing another person if that happened to you and you can recognize yourself in the things, I’m saying then the breakdown of your relationship will actually provide the perfect time to revisit who you are, what are your wants, what are your needs, what are your goals, what are your aspirations, what can you do to fulfill your full potential, and then start doing it, because again to keep it very real sometimes we do need to lose people to find ourselves, and you may find that in doing all this self-improvement you’re thinking less about everything that’s going on in the background, and it really helps take your mind off everything,


5. Grow from your experience

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us, can learn something from every single one of our relationships even the terrible ones, I think that once you’re on a journey toward self-healing or you feel like you’re in a good mental space, it would be good to sit down and reflect on some of the takeaways and lessons learned from the breakup or from the relationship, did you learn to spot red flags early, did you learn to trust your instinct, did you learn what you will and what you won’t accept, you may have made some mistakes so this will also provide a good time to reflect on some of your flaws, do you need to listen more, could you be quite selfish, could you be quiet judgmental, whatever happens, it’s great if you take at least one lesson away, so moving forward if you decide to have another relationship, you can apply that lesson to the future one.


so that’s it for me guys, I really hope that you enjoyed my article, and if you did please subscribe, if you’re currently going through a breakup I know it’s not easy, but it’s important to remember that you will get through it, and things will get better, my list is by no means extensive I’m sure there are many other things you can do, but hopefully, my article will put you on the right track towards healing.


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