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How do you learn to love and respect yourself and your body

how can love myself and my body

There is no one that is flawless. We all have faults, peculiarities, and issues. For example, I believe that everybody has had a time in their lives when they looked in the mirror and didn’t like what they saw: a sagging tummy, wrinkles, stretch marks, and so on. I believe that these feelings were stronger during quarantine because we spent more time analyzing ourselves and our bodies. And while some people support them for who they are, others do not. Others attempt to alter these aspects in order to make them more “beautiful” in society’s eyes. And, frankly, if you don’t like your body, you are dissatisfied with one small aspect of it, and once you get rid of it, you will find something else to hate. So, what’s the next step? We should respect ourselves and our bodies because that is what we have at the end of the day. Ok, because this is easier said than done, I’ll give you some pointers on how to love yourself and your body.


Take some time away from social media.

We’ve all seen influencers and Instagram models that seem to be too nice to be true! The reason for this is that they aren’t. They improve their appearance by editing images and hiding flaws. I was always comparing myself to others, saying things like, “She’s stunning, why can’t I be like her?” I’m not her, after all. That is the reason. Try to concentrate on things that will really change your life and make you feel better during this social media break.


Concentrate on your health.

Instead of obsessing about your appearance, consider concentrating on your thoughts. I realize this sounds overly spiritual, but consider this: if you indulge in behaviors that make you feel good, your mind will be present and you will not dwell on the negative. You’re content! At the time, that’s all that matters. Take a stroll and discover something new. It’s pointless to waste your time thinking about trivial matters.


Purchase clothing that suits your body properly.

I recall being much slimmer than I am now, and I’m disappointed that I no longer resemble that figure. I was frustrated when I stared at my ill-fitting jeans. But then I went shopping and bought new ones that suit my body properly. What’s more, guess what? I seem to be in perfect health! Why am I so concerned? It’s normal for your body to change over time, and it’s fine if you no longer fit into the clothes you wear at 18.


Consume nutritious foods.

Please bear with me if this sounds harsh. I felt a lot better about myself whenever I ate healthier, regardless of how I looked: I finally managed to eat well! I’m incredible! And so far, this has worked well for me. My body seems to be the same, but I am more optimistic about it. Even something small and nutritious like an apple or a banana would suffice!


Remove the negative feelings from your mind.


This is more difficult to say than to do, but it is not impossible. Write down all of your negative feelings and replace them with positive ones. When I was younger, I used to keep a “happy box” in which I kept everything that made me happy and which I would open whenever I was having a bad day to remind myself of the many reasons why I should be happy.


I completely understand how difficult it is to have a negative body image, and it is important that we respect ourselves. That is followed by everything.


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