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10 reasons why you need to friendship with a dog

Literally, a man’s best mate.

friendship with dog

As much as the next person, I adore my human friends. Dogs, on the other hand, in my opinion, play the part of a friend far better than any human friend might. As the proud owner of three dogs, I must confess that these four-legged friends possess certain characteristics that humans often lack. The following are some of the reasons why dogs make better friends than people, and make you own and make friendship with a dog:


1. They always stay excited about your vision.

Even if you’ve only been gone for ten minutes, your dog will behave as if you’ve been gone for years when you step in the door. These companions, without even realizing it, show their love for us by wagging their tails and jumping up and down.


2. They are dependable.

It’s not always easy to trust our human companions. There’s always the possibility of “he said, she said” drama. Your secrets, on the other hand, are completely secure with a trustworthy dog.


3. They have excellent listening skills.

Interrupting other people is one of my pet peeves. When you just need to complain, the safest person to talk to is your dog. They would not add their two cents or share any unwelcomed opinions, as humans are prone to do.


4. They are guardians.

Adopting a dog into your family is akin to purchasing the most effective alarm system ever devised. Dogs can protect you from any possible attack, whether it’s a dangerous intruder or a harmless mailman.


5. They’re cuddlers of the highest order.

On this one, you can’t even disagree with me. Dogs are like real-life plush dolls that are often available for cuddling.


6. They are appreciative of the little stuff.

It can be difficult to please others at times. Even the smallest disagreement, such as where to eat dinner, may turn into a battle. Dogs, on the other hand, appreciate the simple pleasures of life. They are a thousand times more admirable than any human friend because of this.


7. They are always up for a new challenge.

If dogs had their way, they would be by their owners’ side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, they are still eager to join you on any adventure.


8. However, they also convince you that being lazy is appropriate.

And on days when all you want to do is relax and watch Netflix, your dog will be the first to squat next to you on the sofa for a day of rest.


9. They are selfless in nature.

As previously said, dogs exude a warmth around you that human friends do not always exude. Our dogs are just concerned about our well-being. Selflessness is a quality that we do not often possess, and it makes our dogs even more lovable.


10. They are tenacious.

If it were up to our pets, they would be our constant companions for the rest of our lives. In whatever case, they will still have our backs. Unlike our human friends, they will never pass judgment on us, except though we make the most heinous decisions. Dogs are around at all times. Every day, I thank God for blessing us with such wonderful companions. Although it might not be immediately apparent, these fuzzy friends have qualities that make them the best friends we could ask for.


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