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8 Ways to Get Back in Touch With Your True Self

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Isn’t it supposed to be easy to identify with your true self?

I agree with you if you said yes.

It should be easy, but all too often we allow other factors to obstruct our true speech.

We end up suffocating ourselves to satisfy others, giving up on something we really want to do because we don’t believe we’re capable, and even allowing others to tell us how we ought to feel and who we ought to be.

So, when you go through life trying to fit in, the thing that was supposed to come naturally to you (being yourself) gets lost.

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your way and aren’t sure how to find your way back to the “real you” – I’ve got you covered!

Here Are 8 Ways To Get Back In Touch With Your True Self


1. Take a Stand for Yourself

How many times have you stood by and let a parent walk away after saying something hurtful to you? You later sit there wishing you had said something to that guy, but you lacked the confidence to do so.

Rather than regretting not speaking up later, speak up as it arises.

Don’t keep your feelings secret. Speak up for yourself and show your disappointment with the way that person is treating you. People don’t always know how they’re behaving. The secret to success is communication.

You should definitely share your thoughts and concerns in a way that everyone can understand.


2. Make the requisite changes at home

I like the word “adjust home,” which means “return to your middle.” You are aware of your refuge. Do yourself a favor and don’t get too worked up when things don’t seem to be going your way. Make the required adjustments at home.

Find your core and recognize that any pause isn’t a rejection.

In moments of doubt, confusion, or fear, practice adjusting to home. It’s an excellent ability to master because it reveals that you don’t need to adjust the external circumstances to achieve inner peace.


3. Make a request for what you require

This is extremely significant.

We all wish that people could read our minds and understand us. They are, however, unable to do so in fact. So, in order to remain true to yourself, you must ask for what you require. Since everybody does not pick up on sensitivities and nuances in the same way as you do, it’s better to only inquire if you need anything.


4. Keep a journal

Getting those ideas out of your mind and onto paper is a good idea.

Write down your thoughts without judging them so you can see what’s going on in your head and how you really feel about things. Journaling will help you learn more about yourself and why you feel the way you do.

By writing down the facts, you will explore some of your deepest desires and fears.


5. Listen to your heart

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t gotten around to yet? Your instincts are extremely significant.

In reality, your impulses are internal drives that are taking you exactly where you want to go.

  • So go ahead and visit that museum you’ve always wanted to visit.
  • Dust off the easel and get back to drawing.
  • Go ahead and enroll in the dance class you’ve been wanting to try.

The heart’s yearnings aren’t going anywhere, so it’s best if you respect them. Following your heart will help you reconnect with your true self.


6. Recognize and Accept The “Healthy”

There may be a million reasons why you believe you are unable to forgive yourself or believe you are unworthy. There may be a million more explanations why you feel you are a bad person or why you do not deserve your life (if it isn’t going well).

I’m here to tell you to get rid of all of those proposals.

If you hold a grudge against yourself for something you did in the past, you are dishonoring yourself.

You are knowledgeable, you have a source of possibility behind you, and you have the potential to change things around. Don’t let negative thoughts about yourself make you feel unworthy or evil.

Yeah, you made a mistake, but punishing yourself over and over for it does no one any good and keeps you from experiencing the newness that is trying to infiltrate your life.


7. Develop a stronger sense of self-love.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, relax, and laugh at your mistakes from time to time.

Adjust your thoughts if you notice you’re talking negatively about yourself.

Adjust it when you know you’re settling or not giving yourself your everything.

Say “no thank you” to your inner critic when he or she wants to add their two cents (here’s a free simple meditation to help soothe the negativity of the inner critic).

You’ve been listening to your inner critic and pessimistic feelings for far too long, and it’s time to extend some kindness and affection to yourself.


8. Recognize and Accept Your True Feelings

This is also important. When life sucks, say it sucks. When you’re mad, say it out loud. Sugarcoating your emotions will not make them go anywhere.

In reality, the more you deny how you feel, the more it will claw its way to the surface to make itself heard. Be true about yourself.

It is perfectly appropriate to be frustrated. It’s a sensation. It informs us of our current situation as well as the need for any adjustments.


To sum up

Continue to practice these methods until they become second nature to you, and you’ll be back in contact with your true self in no time.

Do whatever you can to get back in touch with your true self (your joy, your center, and your awesomeness).

I hope you find these suggestions useful as you embark on your journey.

Keep Making & Living Good!