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How To Be Loyal To Your Partner In 4 Simple Steps

if you want to be loyal keep reading this article.

How to be Loyal to your Partner

you’re still here, which means you don’t mind me telling you the significance of being loyal, loyalty can influence mutual respect, loyalty has the ability to decrease trust issues, and in turn, encouraged faithfulness, and eventually, it creates a sense of security.


1. To be loyal, Cut off old ties

do not be accessible to your exes or your past flings, block, ignore, delete, whatever order you choose, please, let them go, you’re probably why? because accessibility leads to availability, the only person that should have such privileges is your partner, if that eggs or that past thing really wanted you, they could have had you their time has come and late leave them in the past.


2. If you aren’t hiding anything, don’t act like it

play into your partner’s curiosity, give you a partner of your passcode to your phone, I know looking at me crazy right now, but hear me out, let your partner look through your phone, it’s going to be difficult because I myself experienced this, I looked at it as some type of invasion of privacy, but we have to emotionally detach ourselves from these types of ideologies they’re toxic they’re negative, step out of yourself, and realize that your partner doesn’t trust you all that much yet for whatever reason or they may simply just want more insight on who you are, and they can do that by seeing how you interact with your friends or with people on social media, so let them, please, don’t take it personally because that will be a problem in itself, your cooperation will pay off in the long run.


3. F is for friends and nothing more

solidify your friendships with the opposite sex as just that, friendship protonic relationships should be nothing more than a few good conversations here and there, maybe you like that person’s input on certain topics or maybe you all just have the same interests, but set your boundaries, set your standards, don’t befriend someone who could possibly see themselves dating you down the line especially if your relationship, especially if you are trying to start a serious relationship with someone else, keep in mind that your friendships should never introduce any sort of temptation.


4. keep relationship problems in the house

keep your relationship between you and your partner, yes please, keep your relationship between you and your partner, now you guys probably like why she’s so excited why she gets so hype about this last trip, it’s because it works people it works, I myself had a moment, where I would go to my friends, I would go to my mom, and I would basically tell them everything, and at that point, your relationship is no longer between you and your partner it’s between you your partner and everybody else, and then it’s tainted, and then it’s like what are we really doing here if I can’t even talk to our partner or keep things to myself about my relationship, how far are we really gonna go.

I’ve learned that when you are able to keep your relationship between you and your partner, the intimacy is just different like you are literally sharing a bond with one person and that’s it, do you know how sacred that is, do you know how significant that is.


those are my four tips on how to go loyal in a relationship, or to someone that you want to take seriously one day.


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