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9 Working Tips to Make Your Morning Happy

Life is just like a roller coaster ride. Some days may go your way, and some may not. But you can certainly make your days the best by making your mornings happy. Your entire day highly depends upon the morning. A good start to the morning certainly means a happy day. Whereas a dull start may influence your day badly.

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Mornings are your opportunities to wake up and do something, something that matters!

So, what’s the secret behind a good morning? It’s nothing more than a positive approach. “How does one cultivate a constructive approach?” must be a topic on your mind. To do that, you’ll need to make a few small adjustments to your morning routine. And this article will feature the best tips to help you achieve the goal.

To get the best morning plan, read this article till the end!


1. Get Good Night’s Sleep:

Whenever you do something new, you start from the basics. Let’s talk about the building block for a happy morning.

Never compromise on your sleep. It is more important than you think. A proper sleep promises a good start to the new day. After a night’s rest, you will feel much energetic and healthy. Creativity will boom in your mind, and you will take everything positively. Freshness will enable you to get ready to achieve your goals. You must take a sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

On the other hand, irregular sleep will cause frustration, negative attitude, and productivity-lost. It is also a reason behind many of the psychological issues.

So, never write off the importance of your sleep. Create a rest schedule and follow it every day.


2. Every Day is an Opportunity:

A new day is a new start. It is a bundle of opportunities for you to prove yourself and do something better. Let go of all your past fears and failures and see the light in the dark. Wake up to start working for your dreams. Do you know the secret behind successful people? They don’t persist in their mistakes. Rather they learn from them and start their new story.

You might not have achieved your goals yesterday, but it in no sense means you aren’t going to get them today as well. You never know what the new day has stored in itself for you. It’s up to you to make the best of it. Remember what Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda said:

“Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present!”

So, let go of your bed and make your mornings better by affirming to yourself that “it’s a new start and you’re gonna make it!


3. Always be Grateful in the morning:

Practicing gratitude is the biggest favor one can do to himself. Always be thankful for whatever you have. Don’t take a new day for granted. Instead, take a moment and show thankfulness for seeing a new day. Be grateful for the new box of opportunities.

Furthermore, you can show gratitude for anything. List down your most favorite things at your college, school, or workplace. You like that English lecture or gossips with your office colleagues, whatever it is, just be grateful for it.

Showing gratitude should be the first thing you should do after opening your eyes in the morning. It can be shown by saying thankful phrases from the tongue, writing down favorite things on paper, or by just simply feeling gratitude. It will help you relieve all the toxicity and kick start your morning with a good attitude.


4. Follow a Routine:

Don’t just leave your bed and get ready in a rush. You should create an easy-to-follow daily routine. And everything from waking up to brushing teeth and getting ready to taking breakfast must be on that plan. Or else you will just end wasting the whole day looking for peace, and I bet you don’t want to do that. Do Ya?

In addition, your morning routine must be simple. Avoid multitasking as you are no computer! You can’t just simply take breakfast and scroll through office emails at the same time. Rather believe in the thumb rule of ‘one thing at a time.’ Following the same schedule, every day will save your time from making real-time decisions and boost your productivity.

No complications, just a straightforward plan and see the mental peace, happiness, and effectiveness you achieve.


5. Define Your Goals:

The best you can do to make your mornings productive is to set up your list of goals. What do you want to achieve this day? The answer to this is very important. And it can be anything ranging from completing household chores or learning something new.

You may consider writing your goals on paper, using a sticky note, or typing on your mobile’ notepad, whichever suits you the best.

Always divide your goal into short milestones. This is so you can sense some success instantly and don’t lose the motivation. For instance, you may break down your college work into parts like solving Math problems in the morning, reading English comprehensions at noon, and working out your physics questions in the evening.

Planning your day will surely make your morning a good morning. And surprisingly, you will feel comfortable the whole day, as you will know what’s coming next. You won’t be just passing the time randomly. Every morning, plan your day and see the magic.


6. Do Some Work-out:

I understand that how tough it can be for some people to wake up and do early-morning exercises. Not everyone is a morning workout person! But believe me, adding a little bit of exercise to your routine won’t do any harm. Instead, you will see a huge energy boost throughout the day.

You don’t need to do those highly intense workouts or drills. Only 10 minutes of meditation, a small jog, and a little bit of stretching will work wonders for you. This workout will merely take around 30 minutes. This combination of meditation and exercise will help you both mentally and physically. It will keep a check balance on your thoughts and belly shape.

And if you are someone with a job nature of sitting the whole day, you won’t get any better chance whole day.


7. Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Wait, what? Do you skip breakfast? Man! You are certainly missing a lot of things. Researches have shown that people who do proper breakfast tend to show more productivity than those who don’t.

Breakfast easily wins the rank of the most important meal of the day. It is necessary to start your day with a blast of happiness. Breakfast directly affects your mood state. It will help you not to feel hungry just after the first hour of work.

The breakfast must be simple and should look like ‘the breakfast.’ A combo of crabs and proteins will do the job. If you skip breakfast, then don’t complain when you feel down the whole day. In short, no breakfast, no happy morning!


8. Don’t Grab Your Phone:

The secret of a good morning lies within a fresh brain with the ability to think new, innovative and creative. And to attain that level of freshness, don’t go grab your mobile after waking up to check new notifications or social media. Especially right after waking up, this shouldn’t be the very first thing you do. Because your phone won’t do anything except stressing your brain with useless things.

Today, we can’t live without our phones, and it’s a reality. But we can perhaps lower our affection for it. Your target should be to enjoy the true essence of the morning, not finding out what’s going hot in the news.

If you want to start off and spend your day with a burden-free mind, please get rid of your phone in the first hours of the morning.


9. Sense Some Accomplishment:

Nothing gives you more happiness and pleasure than accomplishing something. Even if it is a minor one, all it matters is that you’ve achieved something.

The best way to begin your morning is to achieve something. Begin with something as minimal as making your bed. While it won’t seem like a big deal, but it matters a lot. Leaving your bed is the first thing you do after waking up; Making it will give you the feeling of some accomplishment. You’ll be much more relaxed and motivated to pull off bigger things today.

Everything requires a first step, and this is your first step to make your morning productive.



         Morning is the opportunity to get ready for an exciting day. But how can we get the most out of our mornings? This article was all about explaining to you the strategy to make your mornings happy. We discussed the importance of getting good sleep, following a proper plan, taking a healthy breakfast, and much more. You’ve now got your plan to turn your boring day-start into a good morning. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for reading till the end!


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