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What Am I Going To Do Today?

It’s still interesting to do something different, but we also slip into the pit of doing the same thing every weekend.

If you’re bored with your current schedule, it’s time to pursue something different.

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What am I going to do today? Have you run out of ideas?

Anything on this list is doable no matter where you work, and also on a shoestring budget! Today, try one of these 28 new things; you’ll be glad you did.


Today, try one of these 28 new things to do.


1. Visit a neighborhood of your community that you’ve never been to before or that you haven’t done much.


2. Learn ten phrases in a new language–Japanese, Italian, or Portuguese, for example.


3. Listen to a type of music you’ve never seen before, such as jazz, punk, or blues.


4. Get a picnic in your favorite park with your animal buddies and prepared lunch.


5. Begin keeping a personal journal in which you can record your thoughts.


6. Try something different, like French, Lebanese, or Korean cuisine.


7. Borrow any books from the nearest library for the weekend.


8. In your yard, grow some seeds. If you don’t have one, a potted indoor plant would suffice.


9. Learn a new skill–sewing, farming, or entertaining, for example. What you will discover in an afternoon would astound you.


10. Say hello to a friend with whom you don’t normally converse.


11. Make a card for a buddy and have a handwritten message in it.


12. Learn how to make a new dinner meal. We’re just tired of consuming the same stuff, so why not do anything differently?


13. Re-read a favorite novel from your childhood. Don’t let it sit on your bookshelf collecting dust; take it out and read it all over again.


14. Investigate a particular country’s society online–how about India, Guatemala, or Sweden?


15. Take a stroll or a bike trip in your area.


16. Watch one of the iconic films, such as Casablanca, The Godfather, or The Wizard of Oz.


17. Make a digital album from a recent vacation. Create a special keepsake album of your journey instead of seeing your images fade away on your machine hard drive.


18. Pick up some new products at the nearest farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets are brimming with delectable fruits, vegetables, and other delicacies. Find your neighborhood market and pay it a visit.


19. Plan a day trip to a location outside of your hometowns, such as the beach, the mountains, or another city!


20. Look at what cultural activities are taking place in your neighborhood and go to one.


21. Make a gift for a friend’s birthday. Handmade presents are more intimate and exclusive than something you would find in a supermarket.


22. Attend a performance at a nearby theatre. Around the same time, you’ll be supporting the favorite theatre and having a good time.


23. Plant any trees for the nearest nature protection society as a volunteer. Helping hands are still needed by conservation organizations; do your part and plant some trees.


24. Visit all of the iconic tourist attractions in your own city that you’ve probably never seen before (don’t forget your camera!)


25. Make a call to a buddy you haven’t talked to in a while and enjoy a lengthy conversation with them.


26. Invite any buddies over for a grilling party. Nothing beats an afternoon spent with good friends and delicious meals.


27. Try something different, such as Pilates, golf, or swimming.


28. Get together with your mates and plan a wardrobe exchange. You’ll have a wonderful experience while both saving money and helping the world!


My query to you now that you’ve read my list of 28 different ideas to try today is, “What new stuff can you try today?


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